Sources: BLOW-UP Archive

Through my job, I get to meet a lot of cool people and yesterday, interior designer Ramona Sliva came in and was chatting and just mentioned a little side project of hers. She runs a business with her friend David called BLOW-UP Archive. I don't know how but David got a hold of the negatives of all of these cool classic Hollywood shots and they print them up at the same place Mr. Julius Schulman (the iconic architecture photographer) got his stuff printed at. These images are simply out of control. Check it out, get a quote, buy some for your new pad and let the oohs and aahs roll in. BLOW-UP ARCHIVE

What's old is cool again

I'm sure you've all seen the fantabulous Old Spice commercial featuring this beautiful man Isaiah Mustafa. If you haven't, here's the video

This commercial was shot in one take, Isaiah had to do it 80+ times so that all of these props would work like the sweater falling on his shoulders at that precise moment. There's another video that is really cool, the OK! Go guys at it again, this time using the Rube Goldberg machine

Finally, the Kindle commercial using stop action

I think people are fascinated with what could be done in the real tangible world without computer graphics. It's kind of like ditching your legos for a remote controlled car and then going back to your legos. It was computer graphic overload for awhile. These videos are amazing and I hope you enjoy them!

The Blonde Trinity

The doyenne, the doll, and the holy spirit... you can't front on these ladies! Suzanne Sommers is an author, actress, entrepreneur, diet maven, old as hell but still looks good. Nicole "Coco" Austin is Ice-T's dope wife and model. Anna is forever. These blondes are vivacious, fun, and are just plain sweethearts. This has nothing to do with design per se but it is the first installation in the new category on Domino MoFo: Inspirations. These are people or things that make me smile and just plain happy. And before anyone contacts me, I'm dead serious!

Shameless Plug Time!

Where have I been you ask? Working 9-5. Actually 9:30-5:30 but anyhoo, here are some fave items that we carry here at Accessory Preview Inc. Sorry, had to do it! But now, it's done and we can move on right? Right?

It's friendship, friendship...Sing along!

So, on my birthday, one of my good friends (we'll call her Naurelie Mavis) gave me a gift bag. I was like, ok cool. So I open the bag and wait for it, wait for it... APRIL 2006!!!!!!!! Now I have every issue! I told her that it was like getting to spend one more day with a loved one who died. It really was. And then, I found out that she used to have every issue and now she is one short. I think that every birthday we'll keep giving each other April 2006. That 's what friends do. A laddle laddle, hep hep hep. A laddle laddle, hep hep hep.

The Parker Palm Springs- Like Science Camp but way better

Jonathan Adler has a very specific look, some people dig it, others don't but whatever camp you're in, his style works perfectly in this setting. Speaking of camp, when I was in the 6th grade, they forced us to go to Science Camp where we were held hostage in nondescript bungalows, ate dog chow, made "crafts", and went on night hikes that scared the shit out of us. The camp counselors were loser hippies and one girl threatened to burn the place down if her mom didn't pick her up STAT! When walking back to our room from a delicious dinner at Mr. Parker's (shout out to Tommy the restaurant manager and Jeffrey, our fab waiter) through the winding trails, I thought, this is what Science Camp was missing! I was confident in my walk in the dark because I knew my final destination was a stroll down Anaglypta lined walls, red laquered doors, and ultimately my plush bed. Good design is a beacon in the night people! 

Collect 'Em All

I love collecting pictures of other people's families and loved ones. I don't know why I do this. Even as a child, I had my mom buy me a picture frame because I liked the family that was portrayed in their sample photograph. Someone was featured in Domino's "10 things that make me happy" and they collect old group photos as well, so I know I'm not the only one. Sometimes it makes me sad to think that I have someone's grandparents wedding pics but as the guy at the Fairfax Flea market who sold me these said , "At least they're not in a landfill." So true. Plus, I could look at these pics forevs and wonder what the F were they thinking, did they get a divorce, why didn't that guy get his grill fixed... It's like people watching, only you can take all the time you want to make your assumptions. I am framing these shortly and they are going on my wall at home for some groovy, chic, and somehow, eco art.